Web devlopment

CCFAM training

Providing a unique educational experience to Licensed Professional Counselors that would give them the resources, knowledge, and skills they need to make a significant difference in the lives of those they serve.

The Problem

CCFAM Training, a leading organization in providing high-quality training for Licensed Professional Counselors, has been offering an exceptional training system for several years. However, they recently identified a critical need to meet the growing demand of LPCs who want to continue their education online. To achieve this goal, they recognized they needed assistance in developing and implementing a comprehensive online training system that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Our Solution

To address this challenge, CCFAM Training reached out to knowledgeable experts with experience in developing and integrating online training systems. Prodigy Code worked collaboratively to create an online platform that is both user-friendly, and provides LPCs with comprehensive training in various subject areas that meet their professional development goals, including therapies, and techniques. The end result is a state-of-the-art online training system optimized for learning that reflects the mission and values of CCFAM Training.

" I can't say enough to reflect how pleased we have been with Prodigy Code! I have owned one business for 11 years and another business for 6 years. I have worked with 2 website developers in the past. Both of these experiences provided a web presence, but didn't provide the follow through I needed for daily business to operate smoothly without multiple requests. What Nathan and his crew have done is listen to my needs, provided the brainstorming for me to think outside of the box, partner with me to help me reach the next levels of my business with a web presence and learning platform for continuing education, and support in working through the new processes of the platform. More than any of the services they have provided, what I appreciate most is the INTEGRITY, CHARACTER, and HONESTY of Nathan and his staff. When a business card didn't turn out quite right, Nathan made sure to work with the printing company to resolve the problem. When we are working on a project, I know up front what is expected of me, all of the options I can consider, what they will follow through on, and they keep me up to date with any surprises that pop up along the way. They are determined to deliver a product that they and you as an owner can be proud of. "
Dr. Rhonda Johnson